Improve Life - Through Education

Body Leadership's goal is to empower others to have a better quality of life. Through education we aim to share our knowledge of the body, muscles and injury risks with as many people as possible. Our range of articles are easy to understand and provide helpful tips to assist you to achieve a pain free life at work as well as your home life.

Workplace Video Resources 

Use Stretching to prevent Injuries at Work               Position yourself to prevent pain and injury  


Prevent Hip Injuries at Work                                   Relieve Foot Pain in the Workplace


Prevent Neck Pain in the Workplace                               Prevent Knee Injuries at Work


Prevent Lower Back Injuries at Work                       Warm Up to Prevent Injuries at Work


Prevent Shoulder Injuries                                                 Reduce Sprains & Strains in the Workplace




Relieve Shoulder Pain                                            Stretch Hip Flexors for Running


Ease Your Hip Pain                                                Relieve Foot Pain


Relieve Neck Pain                                                 Running Tips - Gold Coast Marathon


Release Your Lats - Prevent Shoulder Injuries         Relieve Tension Through Upper Back


Correct Your Sleep Position                                    Relieve Pain: Support Your Foot Arch for Sport


Ease Your Shin Pain - Part 2                                   Stretch Your Hip Flexors


Ease Knee Pain/Support Runner's Knee                       Ease Lower Back Tension


Relieve Foot Pain                                                              Release Your ITB


Relese Tight Calf Muscles                                                Prevent Knee Injuries


Release Your Glutes                                                         Prevent Shin Splints


Release Tight Hamstrings                                      Prevent Hip Injuries


Articles & Fact Sheets

Common Workplace Injuries
Body Leadership provides statistics for the most common musculoskeletal injuries experienced
at work.

Avoiding poor postures at work
Tips on how to avoid bad postures at work from Body Leadership Principal Physiotherapist,
Paul Trevethan.

Stress in the Workplace

Tips on how to manage stress in the workplace from Clinical Psychologist Anette Renneflott.