Work Injury Free with SSTM®

SSTM® is a ‘Top Down’ leadership tool for injury prevention. Designed as a unique ‘slip, slop, slap’ type program for muscles, it is the single most powerful strategy for nipping sprains and strains in the bud BEFORE they escalate to an injury. SSTM® was developed by physiotherapists for elite athletes and is now brought to the workplace for the very first time.

How does it work?

SSTM® strategies target myofascial tightness which is a major underlying cause of pain and injury in the body. By understanding this system and having many years experience optimising and preventing problems associated with it for athletes at national and international level, it is possible to simplify techniques so that strategies once only available to elite athletes, can now be utilised by your workers every day. By empowering people with SSTM® culture from the top down, change can be achieved and sustained long term. 

SSTM® Injury Prevention Objectives

Through creating a ‘top down’ SSTM® culture in your workplace, Body Leadership has proven to decrease injuries in even the most difficult heavy manual tasks as well as problem work groups by up to 87.5%. The program benefits include:

Reduced Injury Frequency Rates
Reduced severity of soft tissue injuries and sprains and strains
Improve team dynamics
Optimised employee responsibility for self

SSTM® Injury Prevention Program Delivery Options

Our SSTM® Injury Prevention approach is present in all our services for the workplace including:
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