SSTM® Injury Prevention Training

Body Leadership's SSTM Injury Prevention Training is a way of empowering your people with the best strategy for both carrying out work tasks as well as nipping problems in the bud, before they escalate to an injury. Training combines education, information and practical strategies to engage participants in a hands-on setting. 
Each aspect of our program aims to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge to achieve an injury free workplace. All components can be fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation to ensure injury rates are minimised long term. 
Your people will be taught the injury prevention skill, SSTM® Everyday. These four simple steps - Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger, Move are proven to ease muscle pain and tension, before they escalate into a more serious injury. Our training focuses on teaching your employees how to use this strategy for all aspects of the body from the lower backs, neck and shoulders forearms and hands to knees. The goal is to give your staff a SSTM® toolkit to prevent injuries at work and at home.
Body Leadership will also teach your employees to understand the role muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs and joints play in injuries and consequently how injuries occur. Employees will learn how to identify warning signs, use correct lifting techniques and understand the importance of key postural muscles. 
By educating your workforce through Body Leadership, you will be encouraging a culture of self-awareness and responsibility for safety throughout your business. Our preventative strategies will empower your staff to care for their bodies and their muscles at work. Our results are proof that this approach is more effective in preventing injuries and improving safety KPIs than other methods. 
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