Minimise Sprains & Strains with SSTM® Everyday!

In 2009/10, sprains and strains together with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounted for more than 60% of workers compensation claims*. Last year, 37,159 Queenslanders were affected by sprains and strains and another 15, 349 by MSDs. Compensations claims for these injuries amounted to $311.5 million dollars, that’s an average of $8382 per incident plus billions more in hidden costs.

Sprains and strains are often the result of accumulative forces over time.  These types of injuries can be painful and require lengthy recovery periods. We believe that maintaining good physical health and caring for your muscles are the two best preventative measures against sprains and strains.

With Body Leadership’s simple yet effective SSTM strategy you can take steps to prevent sprains and strains.  Using four simple steps – Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger, Move –you can ease muscle pain and tension, before they escalate in to a more serious injury. 

Common causes of Sprains & Strains: Are your staff at risk?

The most common causes of sprains and strains are manual tasks which involve:
  • Lifting heavy boxes or items
  • Awkward, unnatural postures
  • Repetitive motions
  • Continued periods of exertion
  • Vibrations from equipment or machinery
The second most common cause of sprains and strains are slips, trips and falls.

Common types of injuries:
  • back injuries including pulled back muscles and ruptured discs
  • squashed nerves (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist or sciatic leg pain - from the back)
  • sprains in the upper body
  • shoulder muscle sprains and dislocations
  • abdominal hernias
  • tendon injuries to the hands, forearms and elbows
  • ankle sprains and strains.

The Results

'I have had experience with a number of other training initiatives, however when we went to review our program we wanted to look at something that would provide self management strategies for the team. We liked that Body Leadership's training was designed by a physio with a focus on the individual. The training was very practical and has provided us with personal techniques to support our ongoing training and development programme.'

Marian Vierveyzer, Health & Safety Advisor/Injury Management Advisor - Harsco Infrastructure

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