About Body Leadership Australia

Who are we?

We are Body Leadership Australia (BLA) the experts in injury prevention. Established in 2002, Body Leadership have innovated and developed the next generation of injury prevention strategies. Using a unique evidence based SSTM® approach that enables your staff to target tightness and niggles at the source BEFORE they can escalate to an injury.

Why us?

Body Leadership is the new generation of injury prevention. We use the very latest strategies developed by experienced physiotherapists using skills honed from the elite sporting arenas. The modern ‘work place athlete’ deserves to be empowered at the highest level. SSTM® is not just a spine strategy, it encompasses easy to learn techniques for each individual's program areas. Delivered by highly trained health professionals, you’ve tried the rest, now experience the best.

What we do?

We use a ‘Top Down’ leadership strategy to educate injury prevention throughout your organisation. By empowering staff and reinforcing a new SSTM® culture people's lives are changed for the better while also improving your bottom line. Our programs are results driven and target specific identified performance indicators reducing injury frequency rates for our clients.

By educating your workforce through Body Leadership, you will be encouraging a culture of self-awareness and responsibility for safety throughout your business. Our preventative strategies will empower your staff to care for their bodies and their muscles at work. Our results are proof that this approach is more effective in preventing injuries and improving safety KPIs than other methods. Our overall approach is summarised in the below diagram.

For more information Body Leadership Australia and our services please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.