Sprains and strains, the most frequent form of workplace injury are commonly the result of a manual handling incident. Body Leadership's Manual Handling Training program combines education, information and practical strategies to engage participants in a hands-on setting.

Body Leadership's Manual Handling Training covers key components in workplace safety over a 4 hour block. The four components include:

  1. Introduction to Manual Handling
  2. Injury Prevention in Manual Handling
  3. SSTM Everyday - Upper Body Practical
  4. SSTM Everyday - Lower Body Practical

Each aspect of Body Leadership's Manual Handling Training aims to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge to achieve an injury free workplace.
All components can be fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation to ensure
injury rates are minimised long term.

By educating your workforce through Body Leadership, you will be encouraging a culture of self-awareness and responsibility for safety throughout your business. Our preventative strategies will empower your staff to care for their bodies and their muscles at work. Our
results are proof that this approach is more effective in improving safety KPIs than other methods.


"I feel every worker needs to know Body Leadership it is very useful for work, doing what we do."

"It has helped me to better understand my muscles and that a healthy body and healthy mind makes a good attitude for work."

"I found some of the stretches very beneficial in removing pain in certain parts of my body. I feel the training course should be made accessible to everyone in the company."

For more information about Body Leadership Australia's manual handling training please do not hesitiate to contact us on 07 3847 8040.